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— Specialized Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

56.7 million people had a disability in 2010. That’s nineteen percent of the population. People with disabilities are up to four times more likely to be addicted to drugs or alcohol. That’s a whole lot of people who need specialized care and treatment.

4.7 million people who have disabilities also have a substance abuse problem.

Luckily there are treatment centers and programs for these individuals. The problem is that there aren’t always enough. Not all treatment centers can give what these people need. They might not have the resources.

They might not have the programs or outreach or understanding to be able to help. It is a big problem for disabled people to be able to seek the help they need. Disabled people sorely need specific help available.

Physical Disability Treatment Programs

It’s important to note that treatment for different physical disabilities is different than those with mental.  There are different barriers.

People with physical issues like deafness, blindness, or even arthritis have one main concern. That concern is of course accessibility.

Just having problems trying to cross a whole facility in a wheelchair can make a difference. If they can’t even get to the care they need, then they’re definitely going to feel left out.

Most places won’t even have a Sign Language interpreter to assist deaf people with communication. Many facilities have to turn away people with brain injuries or spinal cord injuries because they don’t have accessibility.

Specific Programs needed:

  • Accessibility

Obvious this is integral. Elevators and ramps are just the beginning of what’s needed. Braille, audio materials, and people with knowledge and care.

  • Physical Therapy and Exercise

The usual physical activities at rehab centers may not be appropriate for disabled people. Providing specialized physical therapy can keep them included and help with motivation for moving forward.

  • Understanding of Physical Disabilities and Substance Abuse

Having people who understand and know about ways to help can make or break the situation.  They can help identify what programs or needed or were to start.  The know-how of how this happens and how to treat is very important so that people get proper care and attention.

Mental  Disability Treatment Programs

It can be hard for people with mental disabilities to be able to communicate and give the information needed. This can keep them from wanting to continue.

Especially for people with intellectual disabilities. It’s important to have programs to help get the most out of it with their mental issues.

Specific Programs needed:

  • Making Materials and Programs Simple

If the issues are based on intellect, attention, or even remembering information it’s important to make it easy. Making the program more simple can help them understand.

  • Variety

Make sure there are different types of information. Visual, audio, tactile. Different people have different types of learning. It can keep them involved.

  • Teaching Instead Of Sharing

A lot of programs and therapy go through a kind of sharing support group. For people with mental disabilities it more important to teach how to apply new things to their lives.


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