Our team


— Jamie Hannigan

President & Founder

Jamie has more than 15 years of experience. He’s dealt with mental health, substance abuse, and people with Jamie has a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling.

Jamie has specialized training in the following areas:

  • Substance abuse
  • Addiction/recovery issues
  • Trauma
  • 12-Step facilitation

Jamie Hannigan has built more than three different treatment centers. He believes that accessibility for the disabled is a must. He wanted to give to the community what it needed most.

For Jamie, this isn’t just a job. It’s his life. Growing up with a blind sister who eventually suffered from drug addiction, he knew it’s what he wanted to do. He saw her struggles as she couldn’t find proper treatment.

Over and over again his sister wasn’t able to participate the way she needed to. She kept relapsing. Now Jamie desires to make sure no one else is overlooked. That is what Triangles & Roses is all about.


— Morgan Rogers

Clinical Director

With a Masters in Clinical Psychology, Morgan has been treating people with addiction for the last twenty years. He himself is in a wheelchair, and though he’s never had addiction he understands the struggle.

He has a passion for his community and making sure everyone is treated equally. Over the years access for those with disabilities has improved and Morgan wants to see it continue.


— Maria Sampson

Program Coordinator

Maria Sampson has a Masters in Professional Counseling. She remains dedicated and focused on providing the support needed for her patients. She designs and implements all of the programs and listens to any needs.

— Clinical Team

Our Clinical Team is made up of trained individuals. They all have their Masters and are well versed in the needs of the physical and mentally disabled. It is important to us as a whole to cover all our bases. Everyone deserves communication and understanding.

— Program

Our program is based on the number one need of our patients.Accessibility.

With programs available in audio, books, braille, videos, and other ways it is very inclusive. Programs are based on each person. Sometimes that means tweaking it but we don’t mind. There are many different ways to include people.

All rooms are handicap accessible with appropriate bathrooms. Ramps are all over our buildings and we have special wide doors to help travel. There are onsite doctors who are here only to help deal with any health issues that may happen.


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