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— Philosophy

At Triangles & Roses, our philosophy is kept simple. We seek to provide balance for those who are trying to recover and help them build their strength. We have group therapy sessions for all of those in recovery, and we focus on those aspects.

Group therapy is known to be one of the most helpful aspects of rehab. Knowing that they’re not alone and that there are other people like them is very grounding. It’s important to find a place in the world for those with disabilities, it can be hard to remember that balance is possible. Life can so easily twist to an extreme with any change. Drugs and alcohol turn life up on end and then realizing you need help flip it back again.

There needs to be a balance so that they can receive the help they need. Once they find that balance within themselves, the strength will follow.

Strength can be shown in many different ways. The strength to get help, the strength to follow through, the strength to help others. Everyone can be strong if they give themselves a chance.

— Goals

We wish to provide treatment for those who ask for it. As we all know, asking for help is the first step toward success. Obviously, success is the primary goal of our Center.

Success can be defined in many ways as well. Ultimately, real success is the continuation of wanting to stay clean and sober. As long as that goal is strived for, the bumps that happen along the way are okay.

Having disabilities only makes this whole ordeal harder. It is necessary to remember that. So easily what people face can be overlooked.

At Triangles & Roses, we make sure to look out for those who are overlooked.


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