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Triangles & Roses is a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center for people with disabilities in Roseville, CA. We are here to support and give back to our community.

Throughout history, the triangle has represented strength and unity. Triangles are well known to be the strongest shape. This means that any weight placed on any side is evenly distributed.

A rose is the symbol of balance. Beauty, passion, wisdom. It is the perfect balance of all things.

When you combine triangles and roses, you get the perfect balance of strength. That’s what we strive to teach to those in recovery.

Find your perfect balance and your strength will surely follow. It can be hard to give drugs and alcohol up. No one is perfect, and that struggle is universal in its difficulty. Together, we can find the strength within ourselves to fight back.

Those who struggle with disabilities know firsthand how hard it is to find a balance in life. How hard it can to be seen as strong. They know the first steps into this. That’s why we chose our name, to represent a group of people who already know where to head.

— Let’s do this together.


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