For people with disabilities

Drug and Alcohol
Rehabilitation Center
in Roseville, CA


Triangles & Roses is a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center for people with disabilities in Roseville, CA. We are here to support and give back to our community.

Throughout history, the triangle has represented strength and unity. Triangles are well known to be the strongest shape. This means that any weight placed on any side is evenly distributed.

A rose is the symbol of balance. Beauty, passion, wisdom. It is the perfect balance of all things.

When you combine triangles and roses, you get the perfect balance of strength. That’s what we strive to teach to those in recovery.



— We Give & Support

At Triangles & Roses, our philosophy is kept simple. We seek to provide balance for those who are trying to recover and help them build their strength.


— We Build Networks

We have group therapy sessions for all of those in recovery, and we focus on those aspects. At Triangles & Roses, we make sure to look out for those who are overlooked.



— We Strengthen

Group therapy is known to be one of the most helpful aspects of rehab. Knowing that they’re not alone and that there are other people like them is very grounding.


— We Educate

It’s important to find a place in the world for those with disabilities, it can be hard to remember that balance is possible. Life can so easily twist to an extreme with any change. 


— We Provide Care

Drugs and alcohol turn life up on end and then realizing you need help flip it back again. There needs to be a balance so that they can receive the help they need. 


— We Consult

We wish to provide treatment for those who ask for it. As we all know, asking for help is the first step toward success. Obviously, success is the primary goal of our Center.


Jamie Hannigan

Jamie has more than 15 years of experience. He’s dealt with mental health, substance abuse, and people with Jamie has a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling.

morgan rogers

Morgan Rogers

With a Masters in Clinical Psychology, Morgan has been treating people with addiction for the last twenty years. He himself is in a wheelchair, and though he's never had addiction he understands the struggle.


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